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What a great way to start the week… again!!

July 6th, 2015  |  Glenda Rissman

Woo hoo, the curatorial team at Behance picked a q30 project (again) but this time for Web Design Served. This time it was a site for TD’s Gallery of Inuit  Art. This was part of a larger educational/promotional design program to promote this rare and robust collection of almost 1,000 works.TD-Inuit_Web

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@jtylerconway “We’ll never know, we can only speculate”

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I'm hoping I got the number wrong... https://t.co/HiccZVxQZV

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@designinginward No one asked me, but: 1. Pink Floyd 2. The Cure 3. Fugazi 4. Rolling Stones 5. White Stripes 6. Arcade Fire 7. George Jones