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Telling Stories

November 17th, 2016  |  Tejashri Kapure


Toronto’s Bayview Glen is a private, co-educational, multicultural, non-denominational day school for students age 2 to university entrance. q30 was invited to design viewpointBayview Glen’s inaugural magazine. It was born out of the need to tell fuller Bayview Glen stories to parents of current students, prospective parents and alumni.

As with all new clients, we were keen to discover the spirit and culture of Bayview Glen so we could accurately depict the true character of this organization. When we toured the school and had meetings there, we discovered an energetic, inclusive and exceptional learning environment, with so many compelling stories to tell. The students and staff are deeply interested in so many things – the stories go beyond the day-to-day activities of the school and portray the Bayview Glen community at large. The design of the magazine is a reflection of the school’s unpretentious and humble character with a strong focus on photography.

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