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Open Studio’s New Identity

November 30th, 2016  |  Tejashri Kapure

Open Studio business cards

When Open Studio opened its doors in 1970, their vision was to create a space where anyone could walk in and have access to printmaking equipment and instruction. Today, they are home to more than 150 artists and studio users, three distinct galleries, a print shop and a wide range of programming. Open Studio is proud to be an inclusive community where artists and students can learn, create and collaborate. q30 was tasked to change the Open Studio look on the outside to reflect how much they had evolved internally.

Inspired by the union of traditional print techniques and contemporary expression, their new look symbolizes the experience offered at Open Studio. On the new logo, Open Studio fits comfortably within an off-set square, which represents the notion of repetition – an integral part of the printmaking process. The solution ultimately became a canvas to highlight the work of the artists. The outcome is an ownable, unusual palette of colours, a flexible grid and very adaptive templates with the work of the artist dictating the best combination. This flexibility allows Open Studio to behave as an arts organization should – creative and a little audacious.

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@germanrlopez I think they would say this is an infographic (and those suck 99% of the time) and not data visualization.

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