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Electricity Literacy

March 30th, 2016  |  Darrell Corriveau


Kilowatt Way is a website commissioned by the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) to help educate Ontarians about electricity costs and conservation opportunities that residential customers can achieve.

The site is a fun and interactive 4-step survey to gather basic information about the visitor’s type of home, the number and type of rooms the home has, the heating and cooling method employed and conservation steps already taken. The tool calculates a baseline consumption and cost profile that the user can then modify in a variety of ways to either closely match, or try to get under, their actual bill. The user does this by interacting with the site to shift appliance usage to different times of day, turn them off entirely, replace incandescent lights with LEDs, upgrade to EnergyStar appliances, as well as many other interactions.

The site works for casual visitors by providing an overview of where electricity is generally being used, while also providing a detailed breakdown of everything in the home that more engaged users can manipulate to better understand their consumption and conservation impact.

The IESO also makes the website available to local distribution companies (LDCs) to use for their own customer education. The branding is neutral enough to allow LDCs the opportunity to co-brand the site with their logo and direct their customers to a modified URL containing their name. Designed and developed by q30, the site works efficiently on all devices by using a combination of responsive and adaptive frameworks. We are in the final stages of soft-launch testing, and planning the French site build.