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A New Grayhawk

November 23rd, 2018  |  queue30

Grayhawk Investment Strategies Inc. is an independent investment strategy firm that partners with ultra high net worth families to build intergenerational prosperity and wealth. Grayhawk’s client base is selective, and for good reason. Choosing financial advisors to manage one’s legacy is a big commitment. It’s a long-term decision, where trust and shared values play a significant role.

For their clients, Grayhawk is not just a business — it’s a partnership, built on genuine connections between the Grayhawk team and the families they work with. The firm knew this, and wanted to highlight those important relationships. The Grayhawk brand is all about trust and growth, built around the idea of “invaluable partnerships.” q30 recognized that this concept is the core pillar of Grayhawk’s brand identity. Our designs worked with that in mind.

The old logo was blue, and featured an aggressive drawing of a hawk. The new logo was designed to be brighter, more textured, and more geometric, using grey and orange.

q30 redesigned the Grayhawk logo to give the brand a new look and feel.


q30 redesigned the logo into a bold, geometric rendition of feathered wings. Along with the new logo and website for Grayhawk, q30 also created materials like a corporate folder, brochure, signage, presentations, stationery and templates for internal use — from monthly and quarterly reports to policy statements.

The new Grayhawk site launched in October 2018. As designers, it’s always refreshing for clients who can articulate their vision with a clear focus. We’re proud of our work with Grayhawk and the differentiated brand that uniquely positions them in their landscape.

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