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Hello world, my name is K Andrews

November 17th, 2015  |  queue30


It’s about time I introduced myself! Hello world, my name is K Andrews and I’ve recently joined q30 as a dedicated UX Designer. With a background in Information Architecture, Experience Design, and Strategy, my job is to make sure that our digital designs are working hard for our users.

What does this mean for q30?

Now we have the capabilities to expand and add to our design offerings, with services like:

Usability Testing: From navigation labels to interactive prototypes, usability testing removes guesswork from design. Did you know that testing a prototype with as few as 5 people finds up to 80% of usability issues?

Personas, User Journeys, and Experience Maps: It’s important to understand users – who they are, their environment and ecosystem, and what they need to do. User research helps us find new opportunities to delight and impress.

Information Architecture: Information architecture is the backbone of a digital system, and a good IA process provides a solid foundation for great design.

Navigation Design: It’s all about the nav, which means finding the best combination of global, hierarchical, contextual, and customizable navigation cues to help people find what they need and discover new things.

Interaction Design: It’s the little moments that matter – entry fields, loading indicators, hover effects, transitions… these are the tiny, invisible things that impress, even if a user doesn’t consciously notice them.

Working with the q30 team is exciting for me, because the designers here are already committed to user-first design, so there’s a great foundation to build on and add to. There’s a lot of opportunity here, and I’m excited to see what’s next!


3 random things about me:

I love outliers: I believe that when you design for fringe cases, you design for everyone. Ask me about why AODA (Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act) is so important sometime!

I’m into infrastructure: That person geeking out over Toronto’s three grand union intersections? Yeah, that’s me.

My favourite comfort food since I was a kid – hash browns, with bacon, lots (lots!) of cheese, and egg, for dinner. It’s called Pirate’s Breakfast (but I don’t remember why). I never said it was healthy!