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q30 thrilled to judge RGD student awards for Brand Design

October 12th, 2018  |  queue30

Each year, the Association of Registered Graphic Designers (RGD) offers awards to student designers across Canada. In 2018, RGD awarded students in 18 specialty design categories; each winner received a cash prize of $1000, provided by a sponsor organization in the design industry.

q30 design inc. was thrilled to sponsor and judge the “Brand Design” category, and to celebrate the win of Mackenzie Gooch’s entry.

Gooch’s entry focused on the fictional brand “Gutless Vegan,” a hypothetical meatless butcher shop that would appeal to even the staunchest carnivores. With bold font choices, vibrant colours, uniquely playful copy, and the clever use of unserious animal mascots, Gooch’s “Gutless” brand stood out from an already impressive batch of entries.

Darrell Corriveau is the Creative Director, Interactive, at q30 design inc. As a judge for the brand design category, he was blown away by the quality of this year’s entries. “There were so many great entries,” he said. “The competition was steep.”

Still, Gooch’s “Gutless Vegan” designs stood out. “This entry hit all the right marks,” said Corriveau. “It starts with a bold and provocative name and carries through with a design system to match. Many interesting visual elements, combined with refined typography, create plenty of variation from piece to piece while still holding together as a cohesive brand identity.”

q30 has sponsored the brand design awards for RGD since 2010. Glenda Rissman, Principal and co-founder of q30 design inc., sees it as an opportunity to help the organization recognize new talent.

“I remember when I received an award for study work, and how happy it made me feel,” she said. In addition to the moral boost, Rissman also remembers how big a difference that the prize money made for her at the time. For many young designers, that reward represents a meaningful and much-needed start for their careers.

“It gives us great pleasure every year in knowing that someone’s confidence will get a boost for a job well done,” said Rissman. q30 is proud to pass along that support to another generation of designers.

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