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Big News

July 12th, 2016  |  Ana Gervásio

3 views of the Kilowatt Way project on mobile

Yayyy, a recently launched q30 project has just been selected as winner of the 2016 Applied Arts Interactive Awards! Kilowatt Way is an interactive website designed for the IESO to educate users about electricity costs and energy conservation.

We are very pleased to have this project featured in the September/October edition of Applied Arts Magazine, as well as in their online gallery and at other Applied Arts events. If you would like to know more about the Kilowatt Way project, check it out in the Work section of our site here or read our blog post on Electricity Literacy.

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Eating in a restaurant that’s playing a Muzak version of “O Holy Night”. It’s April.

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@bnicholsonsmith Eating onions, spotting dimes...

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A Toronto-based coding school is launching a new delayed-payment option. https://t.co/w3aUmFYYQX

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I want to be working at the intersection of a list of verbs.